Glass Design in the Digital Age.
Throughout the centuries, not much has changed in the way stained glass windows are
constructed. Electricity has streamlined glass and lead manufacture and the studio artist can
now use electric soldering irons, kilns, bandsaws, and grinders to speed construction.
The computer age has ushered in a most welcome change. Until recently, artists had to draw or paint design proposals for their clients. While this often resulted in beautiful watercolor renditions, some imagination was still needed by the clients to be able to picture the window in place.

We now use a computer program for designing windows and panels. This program realistically simulates a finished window by layering lead-lines and digitized glass pieces over a background photo. The process enables the designer and clients to better visualze the finished window in its setting and easily make adjustments for final approval.
The Pattern Wizard makes it possible for anyone to create their own stained glass designs.

With the Pattern Wizard's line, rectangle, circle, arc and curve tools you can draw perfectly with just a few clicks of your mouse. Then if you want to change a shape, you can simply click and drag it around.

One the line design is done, you can select different glass colors and textures to preview the look of the finished window.

If you draw a design that's larger than one page, the Pattern Wizard will automatically tile it across pages. All you have to do is trim the pages and tape them together.
The Pattern Wizard can also scan or open a photograph and place it in the background.

If you would like a free trial of the Pattern Wizard program, click HERE.